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SS US Global_Unit 1: Enough is Enough

Grade 10

Social Studies

English, Spanish

Using the Enlightenment and French Revolution as the content, scholars will act as informed citizens in our democracy and promote social justice by identifying and researching social, economic and political issues in our community, analyzing underlying factors, and developing strategies to address the issues. (Mission connection: thinks purposefully to inform action; advocates for others; thinks critically to solve problems). Note from the writers: this unit has evolved over years of hard work and dedication from a team of history teachers working to ensure our units and lessons are culturally responsive, historically relevant and connected to the world our scholars live in today. This particular unit explores one constant in world history, change. This unit allows scholars to explore revolutions of the past and make connections through enduring issues to society today. Like everything we do at East, this is a living document. Each day we continue to work with what you see to ensure it is fresh and relevant to our scholars!

SS US Global_Unit 1: Enough is Enough
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