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SS: US History 11

Grade 11

Social Studies


This culturally relevant and responsive unit of study responds to the various civil rights crises faced by marginalized groups in the United States. Building upon the foundation of what is typically taught in K-12 schools, students will begin by exploring the historical context surrounding the African-American struggle for Civil Rights, with a focus on Jim Crow segregation and systemic racism. Then, by including the stories of individuals and groups that are sometimes lesser-known due to their more “controversial” beliefs and actions, students will examine the Civil Rights Movement from different perspectives. Students will evaluate the success of the movement by weighing the victories against the systemic issues that continue today. Having taken a deeper look at this movement, students will compare and contrast it to movements started by other marginalized groups. In the performance task, students will identify a marginalized group and a civil rights issue that the group is experiencing today, and research and reflect upon the historical context as well as the solutions/actions that are being taken to resolve this issue.

SS: US History 11
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